Some Tips on What to Pack when Moving Abroad

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‘Cracking Packing’ when you are Moving Abroad

by Bec Bloomer

What to Pack when Moving Abroad

When preparing to move abroad, it’s easy to get carried away.  You pack everything you own and then go buy some extra things you think you might need. I know how it goes, but I’m here to suggest a different approach.

Pack less.  If your move abroad is going to be permanent, I suggest selling things.

If it’s only for a year or two, put your things in storage and make arrangements for furnished accommodation when you arrive.  At the moment I’m living in a place that’s furnished in beige…not my taste, in fact I may actually detest beige, however, I’ve managed a crafty solution.

I use my brightly coloured scarves to tie back curtains and as runners on the table and across the ends of beds.  I drape pretty sheets over the ugly couch and buy fresh flowers at the markets.

The same goes for clothes.  Pack basics, things that can be mixed and matched, layered and draped.  That way you won’t find yourself dragging fifteen suitcases to the airport and paying for excess baggage.  After all, things like hair dryers do exist where you’re going.

With children don’t, I repeat, DO NOT waste money on a travel cot.  They’re big, annoying to carry, and kids don’t generally like them.

When my daughter was little we used to empty a suitcase in our hotel room and unfold her blankets into it.  She used to sleep happily in the suitcase and we never had to worry about her rolling around the room during the night.  Other friends of mine slept their son in a drawer until he was old enough to be moved into a bed with edges.

The basic idea behind moving to a new location is one of newness and change.  Don’t drag your old life with you.  Select sparingly what you want to bring with you. The rest will sort itself out, I promise. So remember, when moving abroad pack less.

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