Should You Move Abroad? Here’s some tips to help you decide

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By Rebecca Bloomer


Stay Or ‘Cation’?

Not everyone is suited to living overseas. This blog will help you decide if you are..

If you’re considering moving overseas to live for any period of time, you need to be sure that a permanent move is what you’re chasing, not just a decent holiday.  How can you tell?

Well I’ve got some tips that will help you decide.

1)   Can you live through 3-6 months of ‘teething’ problems without losing your mind?

I’ve moved country a couple of times now.  Each time has presented different problems/issues. Sometimes they’re problems with housing, water supply, cars or visas.  Whatever the cause, it takes between three and six months for things to smooth out.  Can you survive those periods without coming to hate your new country?

2)   Are you a joiner?

It’s one thing to move to a country, not speak the language and remain isolated from the community but the joy of isolation only lasts so long. In fact it’s easier to be a loner in your own country where you speak the language and understand the red-tape. To thrive in a new country you need to be social.

Guy on a deserted beach looking out to sea

If you aren't social Moving Abroad is probably not a good idea

3)   Are you moving to, or from? 

To really enjoy a new place, you need to be moving to it in order to experience a different way of life, one you perceive will benefit you or bring you joy. Running away from family or relationship issues is a recipe for disaster.  Sometimes this is just a matter of perspective, but hey, life is a large portion perception, am I right?

So, what are your reasons for moving? Are you psyched and ready for a new adventure? Are you chafing to meet a stack of new people and learn their ways? Do you have the stamina to survive the teething problems? If you’re clear and positive about all these things then you’re good to go stay…if not maybe take a good long holiday and decide later.

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  1. Johnny D. says:

    This was some quality information for people wanting to move abroad. It is a lot different than one might expect.

  2. lemanieg says:

    Yes I have to agree that I think Reb has picked up on some importnat points that often get overlooked when considering moving. I certainly found the ‘joiner’ issue an important one when I moved to France a few years ago. Melanie

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