Moving Abroad with kids, and travelling with kids in cars

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Kids and Cars, when travelling or Moving Abroad

How many people tell you that they’ll travel ‘when the children have grown’? I find that a quixotic statement when you consider how innately portable children are.

My own children have travelled since they were tiny (my daughter made her first international trip at 6 months old) and I’ve learned a few secrets to smoothing travel.  So, let’s start simple:

Travelling with Kids In Cars

Travelling with kids doesn't have to be a nightmare

Travelling with kids doesn't have to be a nightmare if you plan ahead

Pack snacks – A nifty little box full of different sized baggies, packets and bottles makes a kid feel like he/she’s on a grand adventure, even if they’re getting cheese, sultanas and sandwiches.

Turn the car seat – If your child is one of those who screams for the entire car journey, see if you can get your hands on a baby seat that can face forward.  Nobody likes facing backward in the car.

Music – My kids have always loved singing with me in the car.  Other friends (more ambitious than I) teach their children French in the car.

Possum – Of course there are times when music is just a pain.  When the traffic gets heavy, I actually tell my kids, “Mummy’s really got to concentrate now, so let’s play possum.”  Possum is a game where I count “One, two, three, POSSUM!” and everyone has to be quiet. The first person to speak loses the game (adults included).

Milk – It took me a while to discover that the only time my daughter was ever car sick, was if she imbibed milk, a milkshake or yoghurt before embarking.  She’s not lactose intolerant (quite the opposite) but for her, cars and milk don’t mix. Look for patterns like this if your own child gets a bit car sick occasionally, the explanation is often staring us in the face…or dribbling off our clothing.

Nappy Bag – Keep a nappy bag in the car, that way you’re never in danger of forgetting it.


So these are my tips for surviving car trips.  Next we’ll move on to bigger, more exciting adventures for travelling or moving abroad with kids. Bon voyage!

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