About Moving Abroad

Moving Abroad is a big step for many people.

ToSendMoneyAbroad.com is a site aimed at people who have moved or are considering Moving Abroad. Having moved abroad ourselves, we know the difficulties and the problems you might experience, and how long it can take to replace your networks of business and social contacts. We wish to assist you in your move, and to make it as smooth and easy for you as we can.

ToSendMoneyAbroad.com was set up by me, Melanie Gulliver, in January 2012.

I have many years experience in finance, having qualified as a chartered accountant, and then worked in several financial roles.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding where is best for you to move to when moving abroad given you and your family’s specific situation, how to get the best currency exchange for your business or personal requirements, and will do my best to help you on related subjects as well.

We have an extensive network of businesses able to assist you in your search for information, a property, currency requirements, or other needs when moving abroad.

Business contacts for Moving Abroad should link to me via my LinkedIn profile